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Mercer Protection Agency Will Keep You Safe "24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week", Mercer Protection Agency is licensed, bonded, insured and has professionally trained, state certified security guard company in Atlanta Georgia that offers security to residential and commercial clients, executive protection and body guard services, mobile patrols, armed and unarmed guards, executive protection services, special event, crowd & traffic control and nightclub security.

We're a security company in Atlanta, Ga that cares about our clients' protection needs.

In need of a Security Guard? Call Mercer Protection Agency now if you feel that you are in need of security guard services and one of our highly trained licensed, bonded and insured state certified security guards will be there to help you. Contact us at 678-887-5568 24/7.

At a time when crime is on the rise across the country, nothing is more important than our
clients personal safety and security.

Allow the security specialists at Mercer Protection Agency LLC to design a comprehensive security plan that meets -- and exceeds -- your security expectations, whether it's your employees, products or property that need extra security.

Crime is growing, and keeping our clients protected is now more important than ever.

Mercer Protection Agency provides a wide range of security services for residential and commercial properties, executive protection and bodyguard services, mobile patrols, armed and unarmed guards, executive protection services, special event and nightclub security.

We're a security company in Georgia that you can count on for professional security services.

Why You Need The Private Security Experts at Mercer Protection Agency

How much is your personal safety worth? What about your property? With crime at all-time highs in many parts of the country, your security is too important to place into the hands of just any security company in Georgia.

You can count on Mercer Protection Agency to provide all of your security needs, including security guards in Atlanta.

The security guards at Mercer Protection Agency are your eyes and ears. We are your first line of defense. Our security officers in Georgia are trained to be proactive, and are your company's first "responders."

Increasingly, our security officers arrive on the scene as situations occur -- and provide important support to law enforcement and emergency personnel. We provide top-notch security guards in Atlanta for all of your security needs.

How Important is Security to Your Business?

The staff at Mercer Protection Agency is part of the growing, contracted security officer workforce.

More than 85 percent of the critical infrastructure in the United States is protected by security guards, including nearly 9,000 military and government installations, according to the National Association of Security Companies.

You need a security company in Atlanta that you can trust.

You can trust Mercer Protection Agency to provide you with the best security services in Georgia. Our commitment to safety is based on more than 25 years of experience in the security industry. We are a security company that is licensed, bonded, insured and incorporated in the state of Georgia.

No security company in Atlanta will handle your security needs better.

We've built our security company on a simple philosophy: Security is our number #1 priority, and we perform our jobs with professionalism every day. Trust our company to provide you with qualified, top-notch security professionals -- former law enforcement, investigators, security executives and security consultants.

A Security Plan Designed Just for You

No security plan should ever be the same.

Allow Mercer Protection Agency to design a comprehensive, unique security plan that's designed to keep you secure and protected. We've got security plans that will meet nearly any budget and any security need. We are a security company that can meet all of your security needs with professional security guards in Atlanta.

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